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I'm building a Rails application which lets users have like a personal folder where they can upload files or make another folders.

How could I make a route that could be simmilar to


and matches routes like this

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You can try to match a custom route like this:

match '/user/:id/files/*any_path'

This route would match /user/2/files/3 or /user/2/files/long/path/to/3, setting params[:any_path] to "3" or "long/path/to/3".

Starting from Rails 3.1, wildcard routes will always match the optional format segment by default. For example if you have this route:

match '*pages' => 'pages#show'

By requesting "/foo/bar.json", your params[:pages] will be equals to "foo/bar" with the request format of JSON. If you want the old 3.0.x behavior back, you could supply :format => false like this:

match '*pages' => 'pages#show', :format => false

If you want to make the format segment mandatory, so it cannot be omitted, you can supply :format => true like this:

match '*pages' => 'pages#show', :format => true

This info and more details you can find on Rails routing from the outside in

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FYI to anyone reading this answer, match is deprecated. – Senjai Oct 28 '14 at 17:48

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