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Given the following data sample:

ID Dob

001 01/10/1997
002 09/02/1983
003 19/10/1978

I tried a query like this:

select id, dob
  from table1
  where dob between '10/01/2012' and '10/31/2012'

But I am not retrieving any records. I want to display the id and dob matching with month.

Expected output:

ID dob

001 01/10/1997
003 19/10/1978

I would like the output to match the month.

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You can use the month() function, which retrieves the month number for a given date


Select id, dob
from   table1
where  month(dob) =10

SQL Fiddle demo

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You can use month.

where month(Dob) = 10
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You can use DATEPART()

Select id, dob
from yourTable 
where datepart(month, dob) = 10

See SQL Fiddle with Demo

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