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i am trying to install java using chef-solo. The problem is to set the JAVA_HOME and PATH variables in /etc/profile file. I tried using 'file' resource provided by chef. here is some of my code:

java_home = "export JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/java/jdk1.7.0_05"
path = "export PATH=$PATH:/usr/lib/java/jdk1.7.0_05/bin"

execute "make_dir" do
  cwd "/usr/lib/"
  user "root"
  command "mkdir java"

execute "copy" do
  cwd "/usr/lib/java"
  user "root"
  command "cp -r /home/user/Downloads/jdk1* /usr/lib/java"

file "/etc/profile" do
  owner "root"
  group "root"
  action :touch
  content JAVA_HOME
  content PATH

but the problem is content command overrides all the content of file, is there any way to UPDATE the file while using chef-solo resources. Thanks!

UPDATE: i have found some code from chef-recipe, but i am not sure what it does exactly, the code is..

ruby_block  "set-env-java-home" do
  block do
    ENV["JAVA_HOME"] = java_home

Does it set JAVA_HOME variable for only that instance or permanently? Can anybody help?

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You can fix this by either using a template resource instead of a file resource, or if you are just appending those two variables, try doing this:

content "#{java_home}\n#{path}"

The second content line is overriding the first, as you have already discovered. You also don't need the action :touch.

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exactly, content " " command overrides the content already exist. i just want to append two lines(the envt variables). content command does not help. –  itsme Aug 24 '12 at 10:28

Use Chef::Util::FileEdit. Below is an example how I modify .bashrc. The idea here is that I just add:

# Include user specific settings
if [ -f ~/.bashrc_user ]; then . ~/.bashrc_user; fi

to the end of default .bashrcand all other modifications take place in .bashrc_user that is part of my cookbook.

cookbook_file "#{ENV['HOME']}/.bashrc_user" do
  user "user"
  group "user"
  mode 00644

ruby_block "include-bashrc-user" do
  block do
    file = Chef::Util::FileEdit.new("#{ENV['HOME']}/.bashrc")
      "# Include user specific settings",
      "\n# Include user specific settings\nif [ -f ~/.bashrc_user ]; then . ~/.bashrc_user; fi"
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