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When reading YIi guide at this link:, I have see this line:

...So earlier before raising the event we should have called, maybe inside the initialization method of the component, something like this:

$myComponent->onForestRan = array(new SomeOtherClass, 'eventHandler1');

I understand that this code will attach a handler to event, and the array on the left-hand side is a PHP callback function. However, what I really don't understand is its syntax, does it call a onforestRan() function (which is previously defined on $component--> see the Yii link above), if so it will not valid as it lack of $event argument. Or, if it is a callback, then I have never seen a way of using callback like this (if it is a callback where is call_user_func() or usort()..). Its syntax is really odd to me. Could some one help me with this? Thank so much!

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It's not a callback perse, but you're telling Yii what action (i.e. what function) to perform on the event.

In the example given, when onForestRan happens, the eventHandler1 function from SomeOtherClass will be triggered.

When that page describes a callback, it's saying that whatever you assign to $myComponent->onForestRan needs to be a callback function. The callback isn't executed at that point, you're just letting Yii know which callback(s) to use when the event occurs.

More details:

onForestRan is a special property of $myComponent, as documented here. More details can be seen in CComponent. You can search the CComponent source for lines similar to line 113, where you can see the beginning of the logic for the special property. This is very similar to action* methods in the controller.

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Thank Ernie for your answer, so in: $myComponent->onForestRan = array(new SomeOtherClass, 'eventHandler1');, the onForestTan is a property of $myCompoent or it's a special code in Yii? I have read the entire CComponent base class in framework, setters, getter, __get(), __set()..., but find no clue about this kind of above code funcionality? – petwho Aug 24 '12 at 7:14
@petwho edited answer to add some more details. hope that helps! – ernie Aug 24 '12 at 17:55

$CComponent->onWhatever is a special language construct in Yii. The "property" onWhatever is recognized in CComponent's magic __set-method and then handled as an event attachment.

Let me quote shamelessly from

public function __set($name, $value){
    if (strncasecmp($name, "on", 2) === 0 && method_exists($this, $name)) {
        $name = strtolower($name);
        if (!isset($this->_e[$name])) {
            $this->_e[$name] = new CList();
        return $this->_e[$name]->add($value);

The implementation first checks if the value of $name starts with the text “on” and that a method also exists with the same name as the value. If it does, Yii assumes $value is a representation of a callback which it needs to attach to the event defined by $name. Yii has a private member variable $_e which holds an array of callbacks keyed by event names, and it simply adds the callback to the list for the particular event key.

$_e => array(
    'onUserRegistered' => array(
        0 => array(object, 'sendMyEmail')
        0 => function(){}
        1 => ...
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