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I have two OSGi bundles deployed in Apache Karaf. A and B. My A OSGi bundle works as basic authentication handler. I have set up my security handler it works fine:

<bean id="securityHandler" class="">
    <property name="authenticator">
        <bean class=""/>
    <property name="constraintMappings">
            <ref bean="constraintMapping"/>
    <property name="loginService" ref="loginService"/>
    <property name="strict" value="false"/>
    <property name="identityService" ref="identityService"/>

This handler is in bundle A. What I need to do is to make this handler as an OSGi service to be used by other bundles, in this case, by bundle B. I can not implement any interface to ConstraintSecurityHandler class because it is from package.

I have tried to create my own Handler class then extend ConstraintSecurityHandler and implement my interface. So OSGi service looked like this:

<osgi:service ref="securityHandler" interface=""  />

This does not work, I get the exception:

org.apache.camel.RuntimeCamelException: org.apache.camel.FailedToCreateRouteException: Failed to create route route1: Route[[From[jetty: because of Failed to resolve endpoint: jetty:// due to: null

So the question is how can I make this securityHandler bean as an OSGi service available to other OSGi bundles?

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I have found the solution my self. I the A bundle I have created:

public class BasicAuthSecurityHandler implements Handler {

    private ConstraintSecurityHandler securityHandler;

    public ConstraintSecurityHandler getSecurityHandler() {
        return securityHandler;

    public void setSecurityHandler(ConstraintSecurityHandler securityHandler) {
        this.securityHandler = securityHandler;


And an interface:

public interface Handler {

    ConstraintSecurityHandler getSecurityHandler();


In my A bundle Spring context I set the security handler to this bean and made OSGi service from this bean:

<bean id="basicAuthSecurityHandler" class="com.groupgti.handler.authentication.basic.BasicAuthSecurityHandler">
    <property name="securityHandler" ref="securityHandler"/>

<osgi:service ref="basicAuthSecurityHandler" interface="com.groupgti.handler.authentication.basic.Handler"/>

Now in my bundle B I can easily retrieve my security handler like this:

<osgi:reference id="basicAuthSecurityHandler" interface="com.groupgti.handler.authentication.basic.Handler"/>
<bean id="securityHandler" factory-bean="basicAuthSecurityHandler" factory-method="getSecurityHandler"/>

And everything works fine.

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