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I am learning .Net after many years of Java programming. In Eclipse we have Ctrl Shift R to open any resource in the project. Is there a similar keystroke in Visual Studio 2008 or is the best to use the Find in Files?

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There appears to be an article describing how to mimic that functionality in VS.

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Thanks for the article looks promising. – Tom Jul 31 '09 at 14:27
This seems like an answer to me. – Ravisha Apr 14 '10 at 4:44

I've been using a VS add-in called QuickOpen for 6 months and it's been invaluable (on VS2008). It'll do wildcard searches, too, so you can find not only your ASPX files but also the code behind and associated resource files. Super handy.

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Actually, I'm not sure exactly what you're trying to do, since I don't use Eclipse, but what's been described looks like ctrl-D(Edit.GotoFindCombo) followed by

> of myfilename

of is the shortcut for openfile. Note that ctrl-D+> can be used for any visual studio command, including macros.

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Ctrl+, should work to navigate or search across open resources in Visual Studio.

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Ctrl+F... like anything else on your PC :)

EDIT You can also use the Solution Explorer and just pin it to the side of your screen: Ctrl + Alt + L

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An easier solution if your prepared to pay a small sum of money is to use ReSharper. It is based on IntelliJ IDEA and has all the same features you would expect from Eclipse (navigation, refactoring etc), but with slightly different key mappings.

If you use the IntelliJ IDEA key mappings you can achieve what you are looking for using this shortcut.

Ctrl + Shift + N

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