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 sub     lr,lr,#4
 stmfd   sp!,{lr}
 stmfd   sp!,{r0-r14}^
 mrs     r1,spsr
 stmfd   sp!,{r1}
 bl      irqHandler
 ldmfd   sp!,{r1}
 msr     spsr_cxsf,r1
 ldmfd   sp!,{pc}^
 bl      irqHandler

Can anybody help me with this '^' meaning T_T what is different with

stmfd   sp!,{r0-r14}^


stmfd   sp!,{r0-r14}


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From the ARM manual:


is an optional suffix. You must not use it in User mode or System mode. It has two purposes: If op is LDM and reglist contains the pc (r15), in addition to the normal multiple register transfer, the SPSR is copied into the CPSR. This is for returning from exception handlers. Use this only from exception modes. Otherwise, data is transferred into or out of the User mode registers instead of the current mode registers.

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