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Is there a new gem for ruby on rails for GCM earlier known as C2DM.

If not then, should we continue to use the old gem for C2DM like one here on github

Thanks in Advance.

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Give this a try https://github.com/dondeng/gcm_on_rails

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Super buggy, try github.com/spacialdb/gcm –  Danpe Apr 6 '13 at 12:14
I found this gem to work but the documentation is poor. What it fails to mention in the example is that notification.data = {:registration_ids => ["RegistrationID"], :data => {:message_text => "Get on cloud nine"}} the registration_ids needs to have the registration id of the device (obviously now but was not when I started). –  Joe Apr 7 '13 at 19:33

You can try this si https://github.com/kureikain/sinatra-gcm. It comes with a WebUI let you create and send notification in JSON format.

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You can use my gem: https://github.com/tompesman/push-core

This gem allows you to send messages to APNS, GCM and C2DM.

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