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I have a drawing app, which lets you save your drawing, but when you hit save it prompts the system dialogue box that asks where you want to save it. What I need is to save automatically to a specific location in a directory on my computer. Any ideas how to do this with Flash & As3? Do I really need to use php or xml to do this (I have been checking for possible solutions)? Any help would be appreciated, I am really quite novice at programming and as3.

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Not possible unless you're using AIR. For obvious security reason, the Flash plug-in simply will not silently write to a file. Saving must be triggered by user action.

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Unfortunately, in pure as3.0, you can't save a file directly without a dialogue-box.

but, if you use a Air follow it

more information, see a Air documentation: FileStream, File

var fileStream : FileStream = new FileStream();
var file : File = File.desktopDirectory.resolvePath('your_file_name.jpg');
fs.open(file, FileMode.WRITE);
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Why don't you just give us example code for saving with dialog box? That's what I am looking for right now -.- –  Bitterblue Nov 4 at 7:15

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