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I recently installed the Aptana plugin for Eclipse, to do some Coffeescript development, and I'm loving it, but there's one annoyance that I can't seem to solve. The Shift+Enter shortcut used to be "insert a line below the current one", but Aptana decided that it wanted to use that shortcut for "New Function". I want that to go away.

What I've Tried

  • I looked in the Eclipse Keys preferences page, but there is no mention of "Insert New Function" there.

  • I looked at Aptana Studio 3 SHIFT+ENTER option select and that seemed promising, but when I click Commands -> CoffeeScript -> Edit this bundle, nothing happens at all. (For other Commands -> XXX -> Edit this bundle, I get a progress bar that eventually fails at around 5%)

Is there a config file somewhere that I can manually edit, or some other way that I can edit Aptana's key shortcuts?

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Found some helpful info here: Aptana 3 remove bundle (jquery)

Follow the instructions up to the point where you find the installation point, then go in and delete references to the "New Function" Command in the "rubles".

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