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This is a bit weird.

Using the newest Eclipse Juno release, I'm trying to connect to a .NET web service. Through the build-in wizard I have connected to the WSDL and it generated a java package in my project containing java source files.

However in one of them, I get the error java.rmi.Remote cannot be resolved to a type

Example: The wizard generated the following line for me:

public java.rmi.Remote getPort(Class serviceEndpointInterface) throws javax.xml.rpc.ServiceException {
    //a bunch of code here...

    return _stub;

Whenever I try to import java.rmi.Remote;, I get the following error:

The import java.rmi.Remote cannot be resolved

I am using Java v1.6.

Oh, and I am developing an android app.

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I am not sure why I got a downvote for this one. If my question is not clear enough, let me know. – Søren Lorentzen Aug 24 '12 at 11:41
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As far as I could figure out Java.rmi unfortunately does not come with Android and therefore it's not possible to use it.

EDIT: It may be possible to pack all rmi classes into a jar file and use this jar file within your application. This was discussed here

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