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I am really tuck on this one, spent hours on different solutions but none works, I am really out of ideas.

So here is the thing, I am using infinite scrolling + scrollToFixed jQuery plugin to achieve 9gag like effect, and I have a function (I use WordPress) to call script in loop for every post:

$helper = $count - 1;
if ($count !== 1){
    echo '<script type="text/javascript">
                { marginTop: 70, limit: jQuery("#item-'.$count.'").offset().top - jQuery("#sticky-'.$helper.'").height()

Now the problem is, infinite scroll does not support tags and they are not being called. Is there a way for me to combine those 2 things, I tried looking it up on 9gag but it's too complicated for me, I am not very good with js.

Thank you guys!

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I have found a solution I am now using this plugin:

It will include some extra coding on php side, but at least It works now!

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One of the users of ScrolledToFixed provided this demo of how to accomplish continuous scrolling with a label:

Hope that helps anyone else who is looking.

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