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Is there any way to have multiple groups in a 100% stacked chart?

My data is just "Site", "Timer", "RunDate", and "AvgDailyDuration"

"Site" is the main group while "Timer" is a subgroup, so there are multiple timers for each site. For each "Site" I would like a stacked group of timer durations by date.

In my chart data I have: Values: "AvgDailyDuration" Category Groups: "RunDate" Series Groups: "Site", "Timer"

This just combines all of them into one stacked group regardless of the series groups.

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you can create a parameter to control the toggle of each group. Example is to create parameters. Go to the available Values and place the label as yes with a value of 2 and another label as No and a value of 1. On the default values tab you can specify wither to have it expand or not (i.e. 1 would be the value for not expanding.:

Available Values Label Value Yes 2 No 1

Then you can insert an expression on the Group's Visability tab adn insert the expression for the third option (i believe) for Show based on expression:

=IIF(Fields!Dataset.Value, = 2, False, True)


Hope that helps.

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