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I'm new in shell programming.

1) I want to start 2 node.js processes from *.sh file: node script1.js node script2.js

2) I want to start it when system is loading (on a system start up).

How I can do this?

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Your question title asks for threads, the body of your question asks for processes. They are, of course, considerably different. SFAIK no UNIX shells currently support multi-threading, but the Korn shell team is working on adding multi-threading to ksh93. – cdarke Aug 23 '12 at 14:27

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You can add crontab entries as well. Use crontab -e to edit:

@reboot /PATH/TO/SCRIPT1/script1.js
@reboot /PATH/TO/SCRIPT2/script2.js

This will start those scripts at startup.

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  1. To start a process in background, start it with & at the end:

    node script1.js &
  2. What distribution are you using? Startup scripts might be located in /etc/init.d

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You also need to enable crond service via sys v / BSD init style system. Under RHEL / CentOS / Fedora, you need to use chkconfig (ntsysv) command to enable crond on boot:

chekconfg crond on

Under Debian / Ubuntu Linux use update-rc.d as follows to turn on service on boot:

update-rc.d cron defaults
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