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Hi i am writing a plugin in which i have displayed various entries from database by extending wordpress wp_list_table class. To display some action links in every single row i have used this function in such following way.

function column_name($item) {
    $actions = array(
        'edit' => sprintf('<a href="?page=%s&action=%s& hotel=%s">Edit</a>',$_REQUEST['page'],'edit',$item['id']),
        'delete' => sprintf('<a href="?page=%s&action=%s&hotel=%s">Delete</a>',$_REQUEST['page'],'delete',$item['id']),
    return sprintf('%1$s %2$s', $item['Name'], $this->row_actions($actions) );

but from admin page when i click on those links nothing happen only the url changes i searched every ware and most of the examples are using static data in the form of array so what i want to say is how i can make it active by $_GET[] method or is there any other way to do it ?

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I think i need to do something like this $testListTable = new Zenith_hotel_Table(); if ('delete' === $testListTable->current_action()) { $wpdb->query("DELETE FROM $table_name WHERE id IN($ids)"); } $testListTable->prepare_items(); $testListTable->display(); but still how i will get the id of the row to delete of edit –  Abhimanue Tamang Aug 23 '12 at 14:21
See this tutorial which handles the delete : mac-blog.org.ua/942 Not sure about the edit action. –  emeraldjava Sep 13 '12 at 9:38
thanks emeraldjava tutorial works for me –  Abhimanue Tamang Sep 17 '12 at 7:25

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Back in your settings page, you should add an if statement for the $GET value. (i.e. the callback from your add(sub)menu_page call.


if( isset( $_GET['edit-hotel'] ) ) :
  // Show my edit hotel form
else :
  // Show my WP_List_Table

You can of course show the list table above your edit form as well if appropriate - this is just an example.

Be aware that the WP_List_table class is marked @access private so shouldn't really be used as part of the API. See this comment from WordPress core developer Andrew Nacin.

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