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How to load text file which is i my local machine to a remote Hbase. I refered the above command but i am really confused with the command

hadoop jar <path to hbase jar> importtsv -Dimporttsv.columns=a,b,c '-Dimporttsv.separator=,' <tablename> <inputdir>  

Where to address the path of the text file and table name and columns will be in text file. In text file i has the create and put statements, how to load and execute that file in Hbase shell. Please break my confusion if any 1 knows it.

Script File:

create 'blogpostss', 'post', 'image' 

Run in HBase shell the following to add some data:

put 'blogpostss', 'post1', 'post:title', 'Hello World'
put 'blogpostss', 'post1', 'post:author', 'The Author'
put 'blogpostss', 'post1', 'post:body', 'This is a blog post'
put 'blogpostss', 'post1', 'image:header', 'image1.jpg'
put 'blogpostss', 'post1', 'image:bodyimage', 'image2.jpg'

put 'blogpostss', 'post2', 'post:title', 'Another Post'
put 'blogpostss', 'post2', 'post:title', 'My Second Post'

put 'blogpostss', 'post1', 'post:body', 'This is an updated blog postss'

Following commands retrieve data:

get 'blogpostss', 'post1'
get 'blogpostss', 'post1', { COLUMN => 'post:title' }
get 'blogpostss', 'post1', { COLUMN => 'post:title', VERSIONS => 4 }
get 'blogpostss', 'post1', { COLUMNS => 'post:body', VERSIONS => 3 }

get 'blogpostss', 'post2'
get 'blogpostss', 'post2', { COLUMN => 'post:title' }
get 'blogpostss', 'post2', { COLUMN => 'post:title', VERSIONS => 4 }
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1.Use terminal and ssh to the desired hbase configured Pc.
2.Copy your local text file to HDFS.
3.create a table with desired column family using Hbase shell.
4.Now execute your command to insert..
hadoop jar <path to hbase jar> importtsv -Dimporttsv.columns=a,b,c '-Dimporttsv.separator=,' <tablename> <inputdir>
path to hbase jar -> Path, where the hbase jar is available.
tablename -> table name which you created now.
inputdir -> fully qualified Hdfs path with file extention.
-Dimporttsv.columns=a,b,c -> column family:qualifer has to mention.

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In my Text File there are number of create statments are there. Its SOmething like SQL Script. So In the Command How can i declare a table name and column name.So How can i execute the script according. Please check my script file as above –  Navyah Aug 24 '12 at 9:37
how your text file will look like? give two lines as sample. –  balaji Aug 27 '12 at 6:05
Please view the above link, I have posted my Text File. [stackoverflow.com/questions/12092741/… –  Navyah Aug 27 '12 at 6:06

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