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I've built an web application which allows the users to view and make notes on a list of calendar events. The notes are edited in a WYSIWYG editor that outputs to HTML text (but could also output to RTF), which is then saved as text in an MSSQL05 database.

Now I've got to add a printing function to the calendar application. Prior to this version, the printing was done through SSRS05, but now that I've added rich text notes, this method will no longer work.

I can render the whole calendar in a printer-friendly format in the web browser, but my users have two issues with that: first, I can't turn off the header and footer added during the print, and the users are a little too basic to understand how to turn it off themselves; and second, when a note gets too long, the text gets wrapped not-too-gracefully to the next page. Unfortunately, they use IE7, so the page-break-inside attribute isn't recognized, and upgrading to IE8 or using a different browser is out of the question (I already asked :P)

So with that information, what's the best way to generate a report which features rich text?

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I've also looked into Crystal, which claims to support HTML and RTF rendering, but in practice it ignores a bunch of styles (strikethrough being the largest concern of my users, and font-face being another one). – Dan R Jul 30 '09 at 22:02
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I suggest DataDynamics ActiveReports. Very powerful, lightyears ahead Crystal. Give it a try!

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Thanks, I'll look into that one - it seems like it might be the closest one yet! – Dan R Aug 4 '09 at 16:19
Just received a mail from GrapeCity announcing new version of Active Reports. Due to the fact that you're working on Asp.NET environment and they introduced a Adobe Flash! viewer, this can help you a lot, IMVHO. – ccalboni Aug 6 '09 at 10:48

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