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I want to use ">" and "<" in my xqy pages in Marklogic Server. But Marklogic converts ">" to "&gt;" and "<" to "&lt;" In Query Console also when I write ">" and run the query it prints the output as "&gt;" but I want it to be ">" only and not "&gt;". How can I do this ?

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In QConsole you can select the Text output format. If you do so with a query that only contains ">", than only a > will be output. If you select the XML output format, it will be escaped and wrapped in a result element by the QConsole eval function to make it well-formed.

If you are checking your xqy page using a common web browser, it could be escaping properly written results too, make sure to check page source.

Note also that Marklogic returns xquery output usually as text/xml. You can set the response content type to text/plain using xdmp:set-response-content-type("text/plain")


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