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Hi I have a datepicker:

  <input class="dmxCalendar2" name="dmxCalendar21" id="dmxCalendar21" />
<script type="text/javascript">

     {"altFormat": "yy-mm-dd", "condDates": [], "firstDay": 1, "showOn": "both",            
    "duration": "slow", "showOptions": {"direction": "up", "easing": "swing"},"yearRange": "c-  10:c+10", "onSelect": "MM_goToURL(\'parent\',\'allactstest.html\');"}


And also a script:

var chosenDate = '2012-08-14'; 
function checkDate(rgn, doIt) {
if (doIt('{dsDates::datebooked}') == chosenDate) {

But I need it so the when the date is changed in the datepicker the 'var chosenDate part of the script is changed with it?

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