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I have this jsFiddle:

And have tried to disable CTRL + B and CTRL + U etc...


                if(a.which ==32 && a.ctrlKey){

But it still bolds the text!

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It works if you make two changes: (1) Use the right keycode for b, i.e., 66 rather than 32, and (2) add a call to .stopPropagation():

if (a.which == 66 && a.ctrlKey) {


Or you can return false which is the equivalent of both .preventDefault() and .stopPropagation().

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What you need to do is return false; With keycode stuff i've always found that when trying to disable certain events, you simply need to return false and stop absolutely everything from happening. (It will do preventDefault & stopPropogation for you)

Also just noticed this: info on keycode #'s

    // you want to do 66 (B)
    // with && since you're looking for both events simultaneously

    if (a.which === 66 && a.ctrlKey) {  
       return false;

jsFiddle DEMO

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