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Is there any way to detect a single tap vs. a scrolling gesture on a UIWebView?

I have a UIWebView, that contains rich text that many times, scrolls, if there is a lot of text content. I need to add a new feature that will allow the user to tap the UIWebView to get different content.

The problem is, my solution for this was to place a clear custom button on top of the UIWebView, which handles the tap but kills the scrolling feature. How do the cool kids do this type of thing?


enter image description here

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I solved this with a gesture recognizer. This eliminates the need for the UIButton overlay altogether.

    //Handle taps on the UIWebView
    self.singleTap = [[UITapGestureRecognizer alloc] initWithTarget:self action:@selector(**tapDetected:**)];
    singleTap.numberOfTapsRequired = 1;
    singleTap.delegate = self;
    [self.readAboutItView addGestureRecognizer:singleTap];

   //Set up the event handler
- (IBAction)**tapDetected:**(UIGestureRecognizer *)sender {

   //Do something with the content
   [self webViewTouched:self];


-(BOOL)gestureRecognizer:(UIGestureRecognizer *)gestureRecognizer shouldReceiveTouch:(UITouch *)touch{

    return YES;


-(BOOL) gestureRecognizer:(UIGestureRecognizer *)gestureRecognizer shouldRecognizeSimultaneouslyWithGestureRecognizer:(UIGestureRecognizer *)otherGestureRecognizer{

    return YES;

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