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In ORMLite is it possible to have the same column participate in multiple indexes? The @DatabaseField(index=...) annotation seems to only allow one index per field.

For example I may have a class:

public class PhoneCall{
    public Date timestamp;
    public String from;
    public String to;

And my queries are always done first by timestamp, and then by 'from' or by 'to'.

In such case I need two combined indexes:

  • index1: (timestamp, from)
  • index2: (timestamp, to)


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From the javadoc of DatabaseField

     * Set this to be a string (default none) to have the database add an index for 
     * this field with this name. You do not need to specify the {@link #index()} 
     * boolean as well. To index multiple fields together in one index, each of
     * the fields should have the same indexName value.
    String indexName() default "";

But I don't see how to use the same field in two different indexes.

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