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I met with a problem. At first some code from AppDelegate.

 - (void)HideMainNavigationBar{
navigCtrl.navigationBarHidden = YES;

- (void)ShowMainNavigationBar{
navigCtrl.navigationBarHidden = NO;

navigCtrl is my navigation controller. In my other View Controller I need hide my navigationBar and then show it, to display it correctly.

- (void) moviePlayerWillExitFullScreen:(id)sender {
   AppDelegate *ptr = [AppDelegate SharedAppDelegate];
   [ptr HideMainNavigationBar];
   [ptr ShowMainNavigationBar];

After that, instead of my custom tabBarButton I saw Back button:

enter image description here

After tap ob Back button, it disappears, and I see my navigationBar again with my custom button. This 'bug' was detected in iOS 5.1, on iOS 4.3.2 everithing is ok.

This makes me crazy, help please.

P.S. I know, that I can use:

self.navigationController.navigationBar.frame = CGRectMake(0, 20, self.navigationController.navigationBar.frame.size.width, self.navigationController.navigationBar.frame.size.height);

to display navigationBar correctly, but i need to show/hide navigationBar to hide it, while rotating VideoPlayer.

Any ideas? Wait your answers, thanks.

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If it must be hidden all the time, did you try to hide it in viewWillAppear ? –  Leonardo Aug 23 '12 at 15:17
It must be hidden when moviePlayer is in fullscreen mode, because I see it during rotation. –  quaddef Aug 23 '12 at 17:45

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So, after some manipulations I decided simply to set alpha to my navigationBar.

            [ptr HideMainNavigationBar];
else self.navigationController.navigationBar.alpha = 0;

I hope it would be useful for someone. See ya.

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