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I'm new in KnockoutJS, and I'm getting some problems.

I don't understand why selectedOf isn't updated after the click.

Can someone spot what I'm doing wrong?

    <ul data-bind="foreach: Ofs">
        <li data-bind="text: Number, click: $root.selectOf" style="cursor:pointer"/>
    <strong>Item clicked: </strong><span data-bind="text: selectedOf.Number" />

<script type"text/javascript">
    var OfsModel = function (initialData) {
        var self = this;
        self.CurrentState = ko.observable(initialData.CurrentState);
        self.Ofs = ko.observableArray(initialData.Ofs);
        self.selectedOf = ko.observable();

        self.selectOf = function (of) {

    var initialData = '{"Ofs":[{"Client":"A","Number":"1","Qty":10,"QtyRejected":5,"StopReason":"","ModifiedOn":"\/Date(1345732172456)\/","IsHighlighter":false,"SequencesAvailable":[{"Id":1,"Name":"Seq1"},{"Id":2,"Name":"Seq2"},{"Id":3,"Name":"Seq3"}],"SelectedSequence":null},{"Client":"B","Number":"2","Qty":20,"QtyRejected":0,"StopReason":"too much work","ModifiedOn":"\/Date(1345732172457)\/","IsHighlighter":false,"SequencesAvailable":[{"Id":1,"Name":"Seq1"},{"Id":2,"Name":"Seq2"}],"SelectedSequence":null},{"Client":"C","Number":"3","Qty":30,"QtyRejected":0,"StopReason":"","ModifiedOn":"\/Date(1345732172457)\/","IsHighlighter":false,"SequencesAvailable":[{"Id":1,"Name":"Seq1"}],"SelectedSequence":null}],"CurrentState":""}';

    var vw = $.parseJSON(initialData);
    ko.applyBindings(new OfsModel(vw));

EDIT: I put the code on http://jsfiddle.net/muek/KBeZ3/2/

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When you access the Number property off of selectedOf, then you need to get to the value of the observable first by calling it as a function with no arguments like selectedOf().Number.

However, if you do this before selectedOf is populated, then it will cause an error trying to access Number off of an undefined value.

A nice way around this is to use something like the with binding to set the scope for the children of an element. It also protects against null. This would look like:

<div data-bind="with: selectedOf">
    <strong>Item clicked: </strong><span data-bind="text: Number" />

Here is a sample: http://jsfiddle.net/rniemeyer/ecDgD/

Alternatively you could create a computed observable for the Number value that protects against null or bind like data-bind="text: selectedOf() ? selectedOf().Number : 'none'"

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Thank you, it work perfectly –  muek Aug 23 '12 at 15:11

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