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Even if I need to modify a single line in one of the web-page , I have to redeploy the whole project from to GAE from netbeans. This as seems is not good. Several application context variables that I use in the website (I store some light data in the application context variables through my cpanel) are lost. Is there any way I can make changes on some web pages without having to redeploy the whole project ? I am using google appengine as my application server.

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I would recomend you look at JRebel. I have not personally used it though have looked into using it. It does exactly what you are talking about.

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you can use JRebel for that. An example (with Eclipse, though) here

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I believe JRebel works with Netbeans. – Dawson Aug 23 '12 at 14:50
It works fine with any IDE. If fact, JRebel was implemented IDE-agnostic from the beginning. However, IDE plugins help when debugging as debugger gets confused if you add new method and try to set a breakpoint to the new code. – Anton Arhipov Aug 23 '12 at 21:11

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