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I have recently upgraded from VS2012 RC to RTM, and since the upgrade to RTM, I can no longer access nuget. I receive the following error in the Manage NuGet Packages window.

The ServicePointManager does not support proxies with the https scheme.

I looked at the solution offered here in a previous stack overflow question, but it does not apply to me as I am not behind a firewall (certainly not supposed to be and verified by I can also see the RSS feeds / VS can access other network resources, which in the previous question the problem was related to all VS internet traffic not just NuGet as it is in my case.

Any ideas what could have caused this, or how to restore access to NuGet? I have tried this on my machines at work, and my personal computer at home, all with the same effect.

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The solution is in this answer:

Visual Studio 2010 nuget error: The underlying connection was closed: Could not establish trust relationship for the SSL/TLS secure channel

The problem is related to a bad SSL cert on the default Nuget package source.

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This also happens if you have a proxy setup in your internet settings.

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Exactly, I had added a default proxy to my machine.config in order to catch SOAP requests coming from .NET in Fiddler. I removed the proxy config entry, saved the config, then had to relaunch VS and this resolved the issue. – Tor Jul 8 at 17:26

Check your system environment variables for http_proxy and https_proxy. NuGet looks at those first if they exist. If those proxy environment variables begin with https, NuGet will fail. Fix them and restart your computer (restarting Visual Studio did not work for me).

You can verify this by opening the Package Manager Console:

Get-Childitem env:http_proxy
Get-Childitem env:https_proxy

If you want to quickly get it working without restarting your computer, manually set the proxies in the Package Manager Console:

$env:http_proxy = ""
$env:https_proxy = ""
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