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I read about JST Templates and Partials in Backbone Patterns and was trying to implement with my project.
Here is my code of template: I am using Backbone js with Underscore js and CoffeeScript -

App.Abc.JST = {}
App.Abc.JST['person/contact'] = _.template '''
  <h4>Something</h4><a href="<%= itemTemplate() %>"><%= itemTemplate() %></a>
  <b><%= itemTemplate() %></b>

itemTemplate: _.template '''
  Common Code here

I am getting error : itemTemplate is not defined.
Am i doing something wrong?. Thanks for your time.

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sorry by mistake i wrote that, i have edited my question. – Arpit Rawat Aug 24 '12 at 5:15
So how are you trying to use use App.Abc.JST['person/contact']? What arguments do you supply to that function? – mu is too short Aug 24 '12 at 21:55
@muistooshort - i am passing the model properties in this, anyways i end up doing <%= App.Abc.JST['itemTemplate']()%> and App.Abc.JST['itemTemplate'] : _.template ''' #Common Code''' instead of above code and it worked fine. I guess mixing JST with Partials caused problem. – Arpit Rawat Aug 27 '12 at 11:54

Anyways i end up doing :

App.Abc.JST = {}
App.Abc.JST['person/contact'] = _.template '''
  <h4>Something</h4><a href="<%= App.Abc.JST['itemTemplate']() %>"><%= App.Abc.JST['itemTemplate']() %></a>
  <b><%= App.Abc.JST['itemTemplate']() %></b>

App.Abc.JST['itemTemplate']: _.template '''
  Common Code here

And it worked fine, i guess mixing JST with Partials causes problem.

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