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This question is about graphics::persp . I'm trying to figure out what order the values in the colors argument are applied to the facets. For example, I wanted to do something similar to the drape argument in lattice::wireframe , where the color is a function of the z-values. I tried a simple example:

gairy<- matrix(rep(1,61^2),nr=61)
fairy<- matrix(nc=61,nr=61)

(hope this works -- limited choice of posting from work)

But the color assignments show up in rather strange places. I'm pretty sure from this and other experiments that the colors are not applied in any row or column-ordered sequence. Can anyone shed some light on this, i.e. how to order my "colors" array to match the data?

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My suspicion is that the primary matrix passed to persp denotes the height of the nodes, while the colors refer to facets -- i.e. the dimensions of the color matrix should be one smaller than the dimensions of the node-height matrix. Recycling could give you weird-looking results.

For example, this looks reasonable:

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Looks like you're correct -- first because it's consistent with that diagonal offset in my image, and second because changing to persp(gairy,col=fairy[1:60,1:60]) mapped the colors exactly right. Thanks! –  Carl Witthoft Aug 23 '12 at 17:04
I should also smack myself for reading the documentation to persp and ignoring the statement "This is recycled to the (nx-1)(ny-1) facets." –  Carl Witthoft Aug 23 '12 at 18:09
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