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I have a few nested resources (namespaces, pages and comments), and url looks like this: http://example.com/namespaces/objects/pages/super-page — it's too long.

What is the best way to remove resources names from routes? I want to get something similar to this: http://example.com/objects/super-page/

Update: there are only show action in the namespaces controller.

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You can set the path attribute on the reources

 resources :pages, :path => '' do

I found this article very helpful in customizing my url's http://jasoncodes.com/posts/rails-3-nested-resource-slugs

There is also a great gem for getting rid of the id's and customizing the slug, friendly_id's, http://railscasts.com/episodes/314-pretty-urls-with-friendlyid

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you can use shallow parameter in routing e.g.:

resources :namespaces, :shallow => true do
  resources :objects do
    resources :pages

and then you can use routes like

page_path(1) #=> '/pages/1'
object_page_path(1,1) #=> '/object/1/pages/1'
namespace_page_path(1, 1) #=> '/namespace/1/pages/1'
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