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I am thinking of designing a website that's sort of a targeted Yelp.com. Lets say it's for gas station, for example. The idea would be that someone would put in the address they're at, and it would show all the gas stations in the area. In order to do this, I would perform a google search through their API, and pull out nearby stations, take their addresses, and then put them in a longitude/latitude finder, and then display them on the map.

As I was reading over the terms and services, however, I came across this:

*You will not, and will not permit users or other third parties to: incorporate Google Search Results as the primary content on your Property or any page on your Property;

intentionally display business listings Google Search Results on any Property which has the primary purpose of making available residential or business address listings or telephone directory listings;*

Is what I'm trying to do a breach of this contract? Is there a way I can do this without breaching this contract?

(Note: I'm not actually doing gas stations, it's just close enough to what I'm actually doing)

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The Google Maps API already allows this kind of functionality, but through their GoogleBar:

To give your users the ability to search for local businesses, you can use the GoogleBar to embed a local search control into your site.

You can see their instructions and demo here.

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You can propably get the data required in some database online. If you geocode the locations, and add it to your own DB, you would have no need for Google geocoding, or any legal requirements. This might take a bit longer than using an API, but the data you have is yours then, and you can display it as you choose. All sorts of data can be found online to get for free, or purchase for very littl;e. And batch geocoding is readily available, allowing you to create your own databse of geocoded points

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IANAL. Neither are many of us. You should ask one or ask Google for clarification.

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