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In Camping, how do I sanitise user input?

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What do you mean by "sanitise"?

If you're using ActiveRecord to insert/query data, sanitising should be handled for you:

class UserX
  def get
    @user = User.where(:name => @input.name).first

If you're thinking about HTML sanitising, Markaby should handle it for you:

def user
  h1 @input.name     # This is automatically escaped
  h1 { @input.name } # This is not escaped
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Thanks Magnus. My app was letting users post arbitrary HTML. In the process of investigating, I updated all the gems and the issue fixed itself. Sadly I have no record of which packages were being used because this was on old Heroku bamboo, so no Gemfile.lock. –  Colonel Panic Oct 9 '12 at 19:55

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