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I have a property I am extracting from the Message's Payload and setting into an Outbound property (to make it easier to access). I want to simply check the size of this property, but all my best guesses are giving me exceptions.

I've tried using the #[header:OUTBOUND:count] syntax, adding an evaluator="header" attribute to the <when> tag, nothing seems to be working. I've tried other evaluators as well, but I cannot find any Mule documentation with examples of syntax, so I'm just guessing how the expressions should be formed.

<choice doc:name="Choice">
        <when expression="message.outboundProperties['count']==0">
                ... something here ...
                ... alternate option ...
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Assuming you're running Mule 3.3.0 and that count is numeric, your syntax is correct and should work as is.

To make it canonical, add #[] around the expression:

<when expression="#[message.outboundProperties['count'] == 0]">

Because its name is compatible with MVEL attribute naming, you could even access the count entry directly:

<when expression="#[message.outboundProperties.count == 0]">
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Yes, I was using 3.2 by mistake. That's what I get for having 3 versions of Studio installed... –  Bing Aug 29 '12 at 17:07

In this kind of scenario I ussually use Groovy. Try this

<when expression="message.getProperty('count',org.mule.api.transport.PropertyScope.OUTBOUND)==0"


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