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From the global namespace, is possible to iterate through all namespaces:

foreach (NamespaceSymbol @namespace in globalNamespace.GetNamespaceMembers())

From each namespace, it is possible to iterate through their classes:

foreach (NamedTypeSymbol @class in @namespace.GetTypeMembers())

The same happens with classes and methods or fields:

foreach (Symbol member in @class.GetMembers())

Yet, I could not find any way to iterate through a method's statements. How can I keep traversing down the semantic tree?

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You need to find the SyntaxNode that was used to declare the symbol: How to find the SyntaxNode for a method Symbol in a CompilationUnit?

Then once you have the SyntaxNode (e.g. MethodDeclarationSyntax) you can walk it e.g. using DescendantNodes() or ChildNodesAndTokens.

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