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I started a personal Java WEB project and I'm trying to generate some documentation before I start off.

I'm looking for some cool, flexible and free Diagram tool.

  • Cool -> Shapes are colorful and could be used to be presented directly to a client. (Those line based- black/white are awful)
  • Flexible -> I'm looking for something can deal with Web world, so besides all those basic diagrams, I would need some Page Flows, User Cases, etc...
  • Free -> Please don't make me pay for it, well, maybe if its not that expensive and has all those properties I just talked about, well, I may give it a try.

Also it would be cool to have some integration with Eclipse, but all tools I've seen for Eclipse are not cool(stylish).

Which tools meet does requirements?


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Cool -> Shapes are colorful and could be used to be presented directly to a client. (Those line based- black/white are awful) D00d - it's your choice wthere on not to denegrate you client, but it your idea of 'features' is really 'colours' ... – Mawg Jun 23 '10 at 8:09
Umm, despite my last comment, I honestly would like to help. So, what does "Project Planning mean to you? When you start to talk of generate some documentation before I start off I laud you. But, at first glance, I thought that you mean "project management". On further reading, it does not see that way, maybe dsomething more like "project system architecture". Can you please confirm that you mean something like "system level design" as opposed to project management. Thanks? – Mawg Jun 23 '10 at 8:15

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I use the following online tools

  1. for making presentations. Free for 100 MB.
  2. for generating sequence diagrams.
  3. for online diagrams and colloboration.
  4. for flow charts.
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In Eclipse there is GEF, which is a nice programmable framework. It makes sense to use that to generate diagrams directly from your source code.

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I have used StarUML in the past, which is free, but not particularly stylish. It is a nice little UML tool for doing use case diagrams, flow diagrams, etc. If you are looking for a mock-up tool, however, it does not do that really. It mostly understands UML, and does that part really well.

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Its main focus is automatic graph layout, but I've used it effectively with customer-friendly images for the nodes: yed

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I am very much enjoying inkscape right now. It is free, it is flexible and it is cool (tight and professional results at least).

However, it is not a UML diagram tool, it is a general purpose drawing tool. However, you can easily make the elements for the diagrams and store them in a file for use later.

It will never be as easy to use as a UML diagram tool, but the results and possibilities outweigh this downside for me, plus you can add non-UML stuff trivially. (I am especially loving the lining up and spacing tools)

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You can try out It is a free site to create UML diagrams online.

Also check out Dia a gtk+ based diagram creation program. I am sorry I am not able to post the link for the Dia because of my low reputation points, but a simple Google search for Dia will land you on the site.

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