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Essentially I am looking for a module that will allow me to add options to certain products that show during checkout and can be selected if needed.

For example, if we were dealing with a site selling shoes and a customer adds a pair of boots and some heels to their cart, when viewing their cart summary there should be an option under the boots for a "boot muddying" service, which can add an additional fee to that product.

If there were 3 boots and 2 pairs of heels, the 3 boots would each have their own checkbox for "boot muddying", so if needed the customer can have 2 pairs clean and one muddied. Each option should add the same fee, so if it was £5 for one boot, it would be £15 for all 3.

As this is a service is should be stock independent, and it should only apply to products within selected categories.

Does anyone know of a module that allows for this, or how difficult it would be to develop one?

If this is not easy, is there a way to add a checkbox to a product to allow this functionality on the product page (rather than the checkout). I have looked into using combinations but as I'm using this for sizes which have alternate stock levels (and may have individual prices), this won't work, as it's a service and doesn't have a stock level.

Perhaps this would be possible using the pack system? - if the pack can be customized by the user.

Any information would be massively appreciated as I'm new to Prestashop and can't find anything that fits the bill.

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take a look here, hope it helps!

Create an unlimited number of attributes per product and display them as Radio Button, Checkbox, DropDown, Textbox, Textarea, and file upload.

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