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I have an Ajax problem.

There is an input field and I want to submit the changed value on the onblur() event. It all works fine except that there is an irritating flicker.

I type in the new value and click away. The old value then flashes back before the value changes to the new value...

This is how I am doing it. I attach an onblur function to the input element:

  onblurevent = function()
  {, bindingref, this.value);
  HN.Util.addEvent(elem, "blur", onblurevent);

The event is bound with a util function:

HN.Util.addEvent = function(obj, type, fn)
  if ( obj.attachEvent ) {
    obj['e'+type+fn] = fn;
    obj[type+fn] = function(){obj['e'+type+fn]( window.event );};
    obj.attachEvent( 'on'+type, obj[type+fn] );
  } else
    obj.addEventListener( type, fn, false );

And it triggers a jquery post when it fires: = function(page, ref, value)
    var json = (value == "")
    ? {clear: "contents"}
    : {set: {formula: value}};

  var url = page + ref + "?attr";

  $.post(url, JSON.stringify(json));

It is all pretty straight forward.

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Can you post a code sample of what you are doing? – seth Jul 30 '09 at 21:41
Seth, posted some more details... – Gordon Guthrie Jul 30 '09 at 22:18
Which browser(s) do you see the flicker? – Crescent Fresh Jul 31 '09 at 1:51
On my Linux dev machine Firefox and Galeon. In production with Firefox, Safari and Chrome... – Gordon Guthrie Jul 31 '09 at 7:57
If you found the solution to your own problem, post it as an answer and accept your answer. – Carrie Kendall May 17 '13 at 17:08

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Turned out to be an artefact of our Ajax update cycle:

  1. change in front end
  2. POST to back end
  3. COMET change notification to front-end from back-end
  4. redraw the front-end

Problem was the notification was triggering twice - once before the 'new' value had come through and then when it did, which was causing the flicker...

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