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I'm using a multiform PHP script given here. It is basically a kind of form completion in multiple steps on the same page. I'm just a beginner in PHP, so I was taking idea from this script. What I failed to understand is: "How to store the data input by the user in SQL tables?

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In the save function, instead of saving data into the $_SESSION (here: $_SESSION[$step][$key] = $val;), save it your SQL database.

But be careful. You will have to update the script to retrieve information from the database instead of from the $_SESSION when you set the value in each input tag.


The save function is where you will store each data input from user. Instead of :

function save($step, $data) {
    //$_SESSION[$step] = $data;
    $fields = explode('&',$data);
    foreach ($fields as $field) {
        $keyVal = explode('=', $field);
        $key = urldecode($keyVal[0]);
        $val = urldecode($keyVal[1]);
        $_SESSION[$step][$key] = $val;

You should have something like that (the sql queries aren't good, it's just an example):

function save($step, $data)
  //$_SESSION[$step] = $data;
  $fields = explode('&',$data);
  $sql    = "INSERT INTO `ma_table` (`step`, `key`, `val`) VALUES ";

  foreach ($fields as $field)
    $keyVal = explode('=', $field);
    $key = mysql_real_escape_string($keyVal[0]);
    $val = mysql_real_escape_string($keyVal[1]);

    $sql .= "('" . $step . "', '" . $key . "', '" . $val . "')";

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LOL just writing: In the example, you can go back to previous pages, so you'll have to retrieve it too! – Waygood Aug 23 '12 at 16:19
@j0k: Can you explain in a more elaborate manner? I'm quite new to PHP. – user188995 Aug 23 '12 at 16:22
@j0k: Thanks. It helped a lot. – user188995 Aug 23 '12 at 16:38
@Waygood: Is there any way where if I go back, the fields become empty again after getting saved in the SQL? – user188995 Aug 23 '12 at 16:52

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