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I'm looking to find some material on how to efficiently handle model data in a web application. Currently, I use basic CRUD operations to access the database, do some business logic, and pass this data to the view where it can be manipulated by the user via a web interface. I'd like to learn more about optimizing data retrieval and data updating in web applications...any advice on where to read up on this?

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First it depends on your database. which Database and which Engine do you use ?

Then it depends one your data complexity ; Do you have a lot data that are linked to each other ? Do you uses a lot of index table ?

Then the data storage structure : Do you want it faster in execution time or less cosumming memory ?

Because there is no bad technic, just 1 solution for 1 problem :)

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I guess I am looking for a general answer, but it seems my question can go in many directions. I guess I am looking to optimize performance. I'm using MYSQL. – Bri Aug 23 '12 at 17:41

What you should study is DAO design pattern.
For small sized databases it is the way to go. Read about it and then read examples in the language you are using.

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