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Say I have an array like this:





What's the easiest way to have the entire array converted to XML?

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Some working Example for the Data in Question that is on-site:

Original answer follows:

Take a look at these pre-defined implementations:

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second link is dead. – markus May 3 '11 at 10:08
The first link does not answer the question, the second link is gone. Please review your answer. I also added an additional link to an answer to a similar question. – hakre Jan 3 '13 at 17:28

If you also want attribute support for converting array to XML, you can use this implementation:

For attribute support it requires you to construct your array in a particular way. For xml without attributes you can directly pass any array to the function and get an XML

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You could create yourself a simple function that just outputs it. For example passing the array with the elements to the function and telling the name of the parent element (root element of the document) and the name of each element.

I assume colors for the parent and color for each element.

I also assumed that the named keys are children of the color elements:

function xml_from_indexed_array($array, $parent, $name) {

    echo '<?xml version="1.0"?>', "\n";
    echo "<$parent>\n";
    foreach ($array as $element) {
        echo "  <$name>\n";
        foreach ($element as $child => $value) {
            echo "    <$child>$value</$child>\n";
        echo "  </$name>\n";
    echo "</$parent>\n";

As you can see, this is pretty straight forward, just iterating over all elements.

Usage Example:

$colors = array();

$colors[0]['id']    = 1;
$colors[0]['color'] = 'blue';

$colors[1]['id']    = 2;
$colors[1]['color'] = 'green';

xml_from_indexed_array($colors, 'colors', 'color');

Example Output:

<?xml version="1.0"?>

If you have more advanced array structures that is more deeply nested, you might want to solve this in a recursive manner. Some related questions:

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