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Is it still considered to be an OK practice to use htaccess to render PHP in HTML files for things like a navigation/menu?

I used to do it back in the day for smaller sites that didn't really need a CMS, but I wasn't sure if it's a faux pas these days.

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It's purely up to you. It doesn't pose any threat to your site or expose any vulnerability so it doesn't matter either way. Rendering a PHP file with an HTML extension is no different than one with a PHP extension.

In fact, if you're migrating a static site to dynamic one, it's actually a good way to preserve page URLs.

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Cool, thanks! Yeah, I just wasn't sure since I know security and scripts have come along way and if was an issue on the security end or if was just an old practice. Thanks for the feed back! –  ultraloveninja Aug 23 '12 at 16:29

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