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I have a table JobHead, and I create a Word-Index at PartDescription field in that table, as you see in the program below. I'm looking for the jobs with the word NUCLEAR inside of the PartDescription field. I can't get anything, what am I doing wrong?

OUTPUT TO VALUE("c:\Nuclear.txt").

        JobHead.PartDescription CONTAINS "NUCLEAR" EXCLUSIVE-LOCK.

        DISPLAY JobHead.JobNum.

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The word index works on the full words, not on partial words. So in your code it will not find the text "NUCLEAR", if you had "NUCLEARISSAFE" in a record on PartDescription.

Note that, if you had "NUCLEAR-IS-SAFE" it would work, as progress behind the scene is indexing the words separately.

You could use the index keyword, but that's not indexed unfortunately, so would lock more records than necessary:

         INDEX(JobHead.PartDescription, "NUCLEAR") GT 0 EXCLUSIVE-LOCK.
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You can use wildcards however in your contains search... nuclear* would work just as well and get you the matches in your description. – DuStorm Oct 2 '12 at 14:52

Exactly the CONTAINS operator is working with the word break rules. Depending on the code page you are using these may be different. Note that for UTF-8 they are not defined out-of-the-box so you will receive an error unless you define it.

This KB article shows how to see which word break rules are in place KB article

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