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I want to define a class with utility functions. I'm using Extjs class system.

I'm doing this in the following way:


Ext.define('Controls.Plugins.Nzok.XUtility', {
     statics : {
         getTest : function(test) { return test }

Now when I want to use getTest method I have to require the class and to write full class name

Ext.define('Controls.Plugins.Nzok', {
    requires : ['Controls.Plugins.Nzok.XUtility'],

    useTest : function() {
        var testResult = Controls.Plugins.Nzok.XUtility.getTest(2);

My problem is that notation is too long. It's very inconvenient to write down every time Controls.Plugins.Nzok.XUtility. Are there any solution?

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The alternateClassName config does the trick.

Ext.define('Controls.Plugins.Nzok.XUtility', {
    alternateClassName: 'Controls.XUtil',  // <--- this is your shorthand
    statics : {
        getTest : function(test) { return test }

As a side note, Ext.define will automatically create namespaces based on your class name, so Ext.define('Controls.Plugins.Nzok.XUtility' will generate the Controls.Plugins.Nzok namespace for you.

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