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I have a matrix


with some data (distribution parameters):

list(structure(c(0.005, 0.004),
.Names = c("mean", "sd")))

for example. I want to use fdist and I seed the distribution parameters with the values contained in results[i]:

params = fitdist( data, dist,method="mle",
                    start=list(mean =mapply("[", results[1], 1),
                               sd=mapply("[", results[1], 2)))

I got the following error:

the function mle failed to estimate the parameters, 
            with the error code 100

because the start list is:

structure(list(mean = structure(0.005, .Names = "mean"), 
sd = structure(0.004, .Names = "sd")), .Names = c("mean","sd"))

and it should be:

structure(list(mean = 0.005, sd = 0.004), .Names = c("mean","sd"))

The last output is obtained from:

params = fitdist( data, dist,method="mle",

Any idea?


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Try using "[[" instead of "[", the reason being that "[[" pulls the value at a list node, while "[" leaves the value still inside a list.

res =list(structure(c(0.005, 0.004),
          .Names = c("mean", "sd")))
list(mean =mapply("[[", res, 1),
                                sd=mapply("[[", res, 2))
[1] 0.005

[1] 0.004

(Although I would have used sapply.)

> list(mean =sapply( res,"[[", 1),
+                                sd=sapply(res,"[[", 2))
[1] 0.005

[1] 0.004

> dput( list(mean =sapply( res,"[[", 1),
+                                sd=sapply(res,"[[", 2)) )
structure(list(mean = 0.005, sd = 0.004), .Names = c("mean", 
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Thanks! it works –  jpcgandre Aug 23 '12 at 17:33

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