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Here is my array;

$subcategory = array(
    "cata" => array("", "Finance", "Economics", "Accounting", "Operations Management"),
    "catb" => array("", "Computer Science", "Electrical Engineering", "Mechanical Engineering", "Civil Engineering"),
    "catc" => array("", "Poetry", "Literature", "Communications"),
    "catd" => array("", "American History", "European History", "World History")

If I search for "Poetry", how can I get return "catc"?

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here's a hint: for loop inside a for loop – SiGanteng Aug 23 '12 at 17:29
By looping over the array, and then looping over each nested array. This is a simple question of PHP syntax, show us what you've attempted and we can help you sort out any issues. – meagar Aug 23 '12 at 17:29

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Use nested for loops to go through the array's arrays along with array_search(...)


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Check out comments for php function array_search, something similar already mentioned there.

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Considering the structure of your array I would go with this solution:

    $search = "Poetry";
    foreach ($subcategory as $categoryName => $values) 
        if (in_array($search, $subcategory[$categoryName])) return $categoryName;
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