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I am trying to use HTSQL for one of my Django projects. For that I followed the procedure given HERE for furnishing HTSQL/Django requirements. Then I cloned the HTSQL repository for trying the example/demo in it from HERE. I am testing this on Django v1.4. The default db used in the demo example is sqlite3. In Django python shell, the queries are working fine now as per THIS question. But as demonstrated on HTSQL Website, it has a very powerful frontend to communicate with the database and also generates efficient queries (reference). I am trying to use this particular feature for my Django application which is also demonstrated in the demo/example django app from HTSQL. In the demo app, when I started my local django server and tried to access the following url:


The page loads and when I write the following lines:


to see the data from the *polls_poll* table, the RUN button does nothing and so does the more drop down menu. No error, no response, no data fetched from the *polls_poll* table. Then I noticed that the page wasn't loading properly i.e this trace was generated on the Django server terminal. So basically, codemirror .js and .css files were throwing HTTP 500 error. For that I searched for the links of the codemirror .css and .js files and provided those links in the index.html of the HTSQL resided in the static folder. Following is its path:

>>> /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/htsql/tweak/shell/static

Now the terminal trace has changed to THIS But still the RUN button does nothing and no data is fetched from the table *polls_poll*

Am I doing something wrong or missing something??

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CodeMirror just changed the download URL for their packages, which broke HTSQL shell. You either need to apply the following patch manually:


or you can wait for the next bugfix release of HTSQL, which will be out in a day or two.

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I made the "url and md5" changes in locate.py file and now its working!! Thanks for the help Kirill Simonov :) –  Ali Raza Bhayani Aug 24 '12 at 8:02

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