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I have an app that will be installed by the user from a public webserver (outside android market).

So I hosted the apk in webserver and instructed the users to type the url to download the file and then "open" the downloaded file to install it.

But, almost 100% of users are having difficulties to do those simple tasks (they're are not familiar with technology...).

So, I decided to make a webpage that will simplify the task. The page contains a single big button that will:

  • Donwload the apk;
  • After download finish, start "Android's Install Dialog" to install the downloaded apk;

Dowloading file is pretty easy, but now my problem is to open the "Install dialog" from browser!

I'm totally newbie about html/javascript and I don't know how to do it (or even if this is possible).

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Normally, you just link to the .apk file. When the user clicks on such a link, the .apk file is downloaded and the installation is automatically started (with a dialog like 'do you want to install this application').

So, just <a href="yourdomain.com/yourapp.apk">Download and install...</a>.

Important! This only works if your users allow installation from 'Unknown sources' in settings/security.

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If browser is written not by you, then it doesn't know what to do with downloaded apk file. Ask user to download something like EasyInstall to install side-loaded apks or place you apk on Google Play. Google Play app on the device knows how to install apk.

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Compress your .apk file into a .zip file and make a simple HTML file with a link like this:

<a href='/androidapp.zip' style='font-size:50px;'>Download</a>

The phone will download the zip file and allow the user to open the .apk file directly.

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