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We have a large number of Omniform files (around 100,000). We're updating our main server OS from Windows Server 2003 to Windows Server 2008. Omniform isn't supported in Windows Server 2008 so we need to convert these files to pdf (or another viewable format).

What I've tried so far: Using Print or PrintTo verb from inside a program using Process.StartInfo and using a PDF Writer printer.

Using Print directly from a command line using the Print verb with the PDF Writer set as the Default Printer:

C:\PROGRA~1\ScanSoft\OMNIFO~1.1\OmniForm.exe /p "Test.ofm"

Both of these Print successfully and a PDF appears. However it prints only the Form, not the Form with the entered in Data. Namely you'll get Last Name then a blank instead of showing the entered last name.

If I print to a normal printer and not a PDF Writer I get the same behavior. Form only with no entered in data appearing.

I've tried calling Nuance Tech Support and they suggested doing them manually 1 at a time. Given this would take someone about half a year of full time work to do, that's not a viable option for us.

So what I'm looking for is one of the following:

  1. A solution to the command line print above
  2. A program that can convert OFM to PDF. If needed this can be multiple steps (ofm to doc, doc to pdf, etc). Freeware or Bought.
  3. Some third party viewer that can at least open Omniforms for viewing under Server 2008. (note we've tried installing omniform and have had no success, if someone knows how to get this to work that would also be an option).

Any help on any of these fronts would be greatly appreciated.

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If an "image" of the filled-in form might work for you, Omniformat might help you out. It basically converts the file to pdf using a print-to-file method, but it might help you out, since it does batch conversion.

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Omniform (ofm) isn't supported by Omniformat - omniformat.com/faq.html –  Equixor Jul 2 '13 at 21:40

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