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I have a table of stock prices over time with the fields: timestamp, price.

I could get the last value of the stock in each day like this:

SELECT slice_time, TS_LAST_VALUE(price, 'CONST') FROM StockPrices
TIMESERIES slice_time AS '1 day' over (ORDER BY timestamp)

What if I want the average price of the stock that day? Something like TS_AVG_VALUE...

Note this needs to work for any arbitrary time frame and not be hard coded for a duration of day.

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check out: http://my.vertica.com/docs/6.0.0-1/HTML/index.htm#14430.htm

I think you could just do:

SELECT avg(TS_FIRST_VALUE(bid, 'LINEAR')) avg_bid FROM Tickstore
TIMESERIES slice_time AS '2 seconds' OVER(PARTITION BY symbol ORDER BY ts);

The linearity, I think, would give you the desired averaging effect.

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thanks - but this gives me the avg of everything (single value). I want the avg of each time slice (value per time slice). –  Yaron Naveh Aug 24 '12 at 17:14

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