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I currently have a whole bunch of spinners in my application. I wasn't thinking much and for each spinner, the first index is filled with N/A. It's not a big deal, but I was hoping to make it a bit cleaner.

I was wondering if there was a way that instead of calling setSelection( index ), I wanted to know if there was a way to set a Spinner to have nothing selected.

Basically, I want the spinner to have a list of items within it, but display none of them until you click on it. I also don't want there to be a blank index at the top.

I think its quite possible that there is no way to do this, so if anyone is sure of this, please let me know.


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See there: stackoverflow.com/questions/867518/… – Marcin Orlowski Aug 23 '12 at 19:08
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spinners have to have a selected state. i would recommend having a "no selection" option

Another option is to have the bottom button selected and then set that one to be invisible (the reason i set the last one to selected is so that you dont have a chunk of blank space in your app as that looks a bit trashy):


// do this for all your other ones if you want


maybe not the most efficient but it works so i hope that helps (still new so cut me some slack)!

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Its better to put first position as blank, so that it can be seen as nothing selected.

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I tried

// getSelectedItemPosition() returns -1 if there is nothing selected

but it failed [spinner was setting 1st element from list].

I added "empty position" to spinner data which mimics that "nothing is selected". Note that 'empty position' is not visible on 'drop down' list.

BTW. Sorry for C#, hope the concept is clearly visible.

Custom adapter:

class CustomAdapter<T> : ArrayAdapter<T> {
    public override int Count {
        get { return base.Count - 1; }

Init spinner:

var data = new List<string> { "elem 1", "elem 2", "" };
spinner.Adapter = new CustomAdapter<String>(this, Resource.Layout.SimpleSpinnerItem, data);
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