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My problem:
- I display a map inside a popup and I have unloaded tiles (grey background). - If I zoom out or in, then the map will fill the entire space (no grey background anymore).

My question:
- Have you any idea about my problem (Should I need to resize to hide the "grey background") ?
- I do not know if I should call onResize() inside the Runnable callback (code is above) or not ?

Thanks you,

My actual code: (I am using the javaxLoaderAPI)


  GoogleMap map;
  @UiField LayoutPanel gmap;

  public void AjaxLoader_MAP() {

          AjaxLoaderOptions options = AjaxLoaderOptions.newInstance();


          Runnable callback = new Runnable() {
             public void run() {
                gmap.onResize();         // Should I call onResize() here  ? 
                map = GoogleMap.create(gmap.getElement());    

          AjaxLoader.loadApi("maps", "3", callback, options);
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May be related to the following post - GWT Google Map Api V3 - broken when changing it

I just posted an answer to that unanswered post as well. I believe it answers and sheds insight on this one as well.

I know this is an old post, but let me know if helps!

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When calling mapWidget.triggerResize(), it's important to call it with some delay (Timer.schedule()) so that all the widget have been reset and then the map is resized.

This is how I trigger it:

protected void onReset() {
    Timer timer = new Timer() {
        public void run() {

Without timer, I was still getting grey tiles. Hope someone still finds it useful.

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